The Pareto principle tells us that 80% of the business being done in mortgage originations is being done by 20% of the originators. These top 20% arenít working any harder, and they donít necessarily have higher IQs than the bottom 80% of originators. But they are working SMARTER than their peers by making small shifts in their businesses and mindsets allowing them to do more business AND spend more time with their families. Balance is a key to happy, healthy lives.

M + O + B = Success

Do you run a mortgage origination sales team? How successful are your team members? Are there mega producers in your market that always seem to do great business no matter what?

Do you want to know THEIR SECRET for building, growing and sustaining a mortgage origination business in any market?


Top producers in the mortgage origination industry have incorporated into their business a systematic plan for growth that includes:

Have you ever lost a quality originator because they can't break out of their current earning potential? Or, you lost an originator to a different company because they promised the sales success 'secret' sauce?

How do originators go from creating $10 million per year in business to $40 million? How do you go from originating $40 million per year to $100 million? How do you still have time for family, friends, a social life, etc...?


As a manager you need to be able to help your team grow and be more successful, and the best way to do that is through systems. There are THREE major problems with the current success systems.

Where can you turn to find a system developed by top producing mortgage originators that understand the ins and outs of success within the mortgage business and also provides specific tools to help lead your team to success? P3 Coaching and Training.

Introducing P3 Coaching and Training's Success System for Mortgage Originators the MORTGAGE ORIGINATOR BLUEPRINT (MOB)

P3 Coaching has developed a one-of-a-kind system known as MOB - Mortgage Originator Blueprint. It is a system for creating a successful mortgage origination team out of originators who are passionate about succeeding and who are willing to work smarter.

MOB offers the one missing link and key ingredient to creating ongoing limitless success. Our system uses top loan originators, epic producing sales people, and the most forward thinking minds in the business. We develop the originators and team leaders. The managers become a pivotal key to the success of each originator. This means that your team not only attracts more great originators, but the amazing ones you have, are yours for life.

Our blueprint offers real tools placed into the hands of your sales team. As a sales manager it is simply not good enough to tell your mortgage originators to send an inspirational touch out to their sphere of influence once a week. We give you that motivational touch to distribute to your team to forward to their sphere.

The same is true with every piece of our structured blueprint!

Most mortgage originators and sales management teams do not have the resources to build this kind of system manually. It requires sales trainers, top origination teams, system developers, writers, copywriters, and legal compliance. This kind of team is difficult to grow within most sales forces, but it is easy with an authoritative and prestigious team, the first of its kind, the Mortgage Originator Blueprint.

You don't tell an originator that success requires a business plan, you build it with them using our tools and Online Interactive Learning System. Our blueprint for success is not simply's one-of-a-kind!

How Big are You Willing to Dream?

As a mortgage team leader, we are going to challenge you to do something extraordinarily bold this year. We are going to dare you to live your dreams. Once you accept this dare it is incumbent upon you to dare your team to do the same.

Finally, a system, a blueprint, built for you and your team. If you invest your time and financial resources in the same manner as you did for the last twelve months, you may very well end up with the same results. This may be acceptable to you. However, if your competition embraces this new system, sticking with the status quo will result in a step backwards. The P3 Coaching and Training Mortgage Originator Blueprint System is your bold step to a new reality. Don't ask us about the investment this system brings to your people. Instead, intensely consider the price tag if you don't.

Are you in?